Rules for server

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Rules for server

Post by Andrey_CZ on Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:27 pm

1. No spamming chat <Mute 10 min>
2. No swearing <mute 8 min>
3. No adversting other servers <ban-ip>
4. No using of hacks <ban/ban-ip>
5. No using of mods <ban>
6.No lyeing about donations <ban/ban-ip> asking for op/items/gm/xp/ranks <kick>
8 . For donations add skype Andrei_boss_cz
9. No abusing of your rank (if you are a staff member) <remove>
10. No asking for money in-game <kick>
11. Don't set home in other player home <ban>

Rules for ranked users: (from helper up to Admin) 3 warns = remove
1. No kicking without reason <warn>
2. No baning without reason <warn>
3. No mute without reason <warn>
4. Don't give items/gm etc to players <remove>
5. No baning other staff members <remove + ban-ip>
6. No asking for up <warn>
7. No swearing players <remove>
8. No griefing spawn/official warps (from Op to Owner) <remove + ban-ip + ban)
9. No griefing player buildings < 2 warns>

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